Library Use Guidelines

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library strives to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all our customers for reading, learning, exploring, creating, participating in programs and enjoying all the Library has to offer. The following guidelines are meant to ensure that the Library is a safe and enjoyable environment for our customers and that the Library equipment and facilities are protected.

Illegal Conduct/Activities

Library customers may not engage in any action or activity that violates any Federal, State, local laws, ordinances, regulations and/or community standards. Weapons of any kind are not allowed.

Personal Conduct/Behavior

Customers may not: engage in disruptive, disorderly or threatening behavior; smoke (including e-cigarettes) or use tobacco in any form; possess, consume or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs; solicit for money, signatures, donations, services or goods; sleep; make unreasonable noise including cell phone use. Personal property must be in sight of the owner and cannot obstruct aisles, doorways, stairways, walkways, elevators or ramps.

Children/Vulnerable Individuals

Children under the age of 8 and/or vulnerable individuals* must be attended by a responsible person while using the Library. A child, young adult (under 17), or vulnerable individual may not be left at the Library after closing. Adult use of the children’s area is limited to use by parents and caregivers acting on behalf of children.


Drinks in closed containers such as covered cups, cans or water bottles are allowed. Packaged snacks that are consumed by an individual are allowed (crackers, cookies, etc.). No food/meals (, fast food) are allowed in public areas unless permission is granted by the library manager.


Service animals only (dogs and miniature horses) are allowed in the Library.


Bathing, shaving, changing clothes or other unintended uses of restrooms are not permitted. Library materials may not be taken into the restroom.

Library Property

Furniture may not be moved without staff permission; heads, feet and legs must be kept off tables.

Library Policies

Adherence to all Library policies is expected, including the Internet Use Policy, Borrowing Policy and Theft or Damage to Library Materials Policy. Using another’s Library card or number without permission and PIN is prohibited.


Appropriate dress for a public place is required; shoes and shirts must be worn; clothing must be appropriately buttoned or zipped.

Failure to comply with the Library Use Guidelines may result in exclusion from the Library for the day, or permanently and/or in arrest.

The Library is not responsible for personal items that are lost, stolen or damaged on Library premises.


*‘Vulnerable individual’ means an individual with mental or physical impairment who is unable to protect himself from abuse or exploitation or comprehend and comply with Library policies.