Get a Library Card

Use the form below to apply for your library card online. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Have you ever had a Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Card?

If you still have it, please contact our Telephone Reference department to have your existing library account activated. You can also call them at (704) 416-0100.

If you no longer have the card, please bring a photo ID, with your current address, to your nearest branch and get your replacement card immediately.

Getting Your Card

You can use the form below to apply for your library card online. When filling out the form, indicate under Type of Card whether you want a Physical Card or Virtual Card.

If you select Physical Card, you will receive an email confirmation of your request for access. You will need to then go to any library branch to show your photo ID and proof of Mecklenburg County residency before gaining access to your Library account. A physical card will be issued at this time.  

If you select Virtual Card, you will get a Charlotte Mecklenburg Library account immediately but you will need to attach a photo ID and proof that you are a resident of Mecklenburg County before access is granted.

A valid, current state-issued photo ID fulfills the requirement for proof of identity and residency.

If you do not have a valid, current state-issued photo ID, you may attach an out-of-county license that can serve as proof of identification, but proof of current address is still needed. A signed lease or proof of home ownership, a utility bill in your name or another piece of mail addressed to your current Mecklenburg County residence is also acceptable. You will need to combine both your proof of identity and proof of residency into one document before uploading.  

Once you have completed the form, you will receive an email with your account information. This is a full-service account that can be used immediately to access all digital materials and resources, and to place holds or check out physical items from any branch.

Do you live outside of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina?

No problem! Non-residents of Mecklenburg County can obtain a Charlotte Mecklenburg Library card for an annual fee of $45. This amount is approximately equal to the annual property tax a Mecklenburg County resident pays to support the Library. A non-resident library card entitles you to the full services of the Library at all locations and use of our online resources.

  • The $45 non-resident fee is a one-time-per-year charge per household.
  • The annual non-resident fee for adults 62 years and older is $35.
  • No fee is charged to non-residents who own property in Mecklenburg County.
  • No fee is charged to non-residents who are students (of any age) enrolled in any private or public school in Mecklenburg County.

Use the form below to apply for a non-resident Library card. Select "physical card," enter your address, and you will be redirected to a secure online payment form. 

If you have further questions about obtaining a library card, contact us.

Apply for a Library Card

Please refer to the list of acceptable documents to prove residency
Email is faster.