Display or Distribution of Materials Policy

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library recognizes its role as a source for community information. Because of space limitations, however, the Library must set limits and priorities for distribution or display of printed materials within the Library’s facilities.

Definitions and Examples

Materials - Printed informational items such as flyers, brochures, posters, advertorials, giveaways or newsletters.

Legal Documents - Documents, such as construction plans in a permitting process, provided by government agencies and publicly funded educational institutions that must be made available for public display.

Free news publications - Free news publications such as newspapers, magazines and booklets must contain a ratio of least 30% news and 70% advertising.

Marketing Materials

For distribution or display of marketing materials, only the following materials will be accepted, in priority order, and only if there is space available as determined by the specific facility manager. 

  • Priority one: materials relating to Library events/programs/services including those events/programs/services offered by the Library and another partnering organization. 
  • Priority two: civil/governmental materials for Mecklenburg County, the City of Charlotte, and the towns situated in Mecklenburg County. 
  • Priority three: state and federal governmental materials.

Materials from sources other than the groups and organizations listed above shall not be displayed or distributed*.

Posters will not be accepted at any location.

Any unsolicited materials found on Library property may be disposed of as the Library sees fit.

If your material meets the above criteria, please submit your request using the Display or Distribution of Materials Request form.

Any questions regarding the policy that cannot be resolved by the originating manager should be referred in writing to the Library’s Administrative Offices, using the Display or Distribution of Materials Request form.

Legal Documents

Government agencies and publicly funded educational institutions may display materials in the Library that are required to be made available to the public by law. Legal documents can be submitted to Library Administration at the Main Library and will be displayed in the Robinson Spangler North Carolina Room, Main Library, 3rd Floor.

Free news publications

Free news publications displayed or distributed will follow the same guidelines as the Materials Selection Policy. If your material meets the above criteria, please submit your request to our collection development team in writing using the form on our website.

*Notwithstanding this policy, pursuant to N.C. Gen. Stat. § 163-166.4, on voting day at those libraries used as polls, electioneering activity will be allowed in a designated area to be determined by the County Bd. of Elections. Electioneering activity includes soliciting votes, passing out literature and posting signs.