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Share your talents. Learn new skills. Meet new people. Create a literate community.

Year after year Library volunteers offer up thousands of hours annually to help the Library fulfill its mission to ”Improve Lives and Build Stronger Communities.” The value of millions of dollars yearly! Volunteers help young students improve their ability to read, they host programs and events and move books and other needed resources quickly, so our customers have access to the latest materials. 

Volunteers become a member of our team and our family. Your time with us is a gift and we are very grateful to you. 

Become a Library Volunteer

Please be aware that you must first create a profile in CERVIS and then secondly "apply" for a position listed at your branch. You will see a job title and job description and at the bottom of the page a button that says "Apply to participate in the project."

The Library offers a diverse range of opportunities to volunteer. Each position requires varying lengths of commitment and training, however, the steps to apply are the same for everyone:

  1. View service projects by clicking "Become a Volunteer" 
  2. Search service projects by keyword (tutor, circulation, logisitics, reading buddies, etc.) or branch name 
  3. Click on the service project name to see the full job description  
  4. Click  "apply to participate in this project" at the bottom of the page.  If you haven't already registered/set up a profile, you will be prompted again.  
  5. Once your application is received and reviewed, we will invite you in for a meeting. At the meeting you will learn more about the duties involved, and have an opportunity to interview with staff.


Have more questions about the Volunteer Program? Find answers in our frequently asked questions.

Court Ordered inquiries please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at (704) 416-0711 or via email.

Take a look at the Volunteer Handbook for more information.


Other Questions?

Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at (704) 416-0711 or via email.
If you have a question about Teen Volunteering please contact Holly Summers at 704-416-4661 or via emailYou may also call your local branch and ask for a Teen Services Manager.