Library by the Numbers

Fiscal Year 2015: A year of library service 

All statistics are from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015, unless otherwise indicated.


This past fiscal year, libraries in Mecklenburg County were visited by individuals over 3.2 million times. The Library’s web sites were visited more than 22 million times.

Reference questions

Library staff helped people by answering more than 1.3 million reference questions. 


The Library encouraged the love of reading and learning by offering more than 22,000 programs with a total attendance of 354,850.


The Library lent 6,110,131 items.

Digital downloads

This past year, 484,540 digital items were downloaded

Self-service checkouts

Most checkouts are now self-service. 73% of items borrowed were checked out using the Library’s self-service checkout option, which allows staff to spend more time with customers who need personal assistance. (FY 2014 data)

Computer use

The library continues to be the county’s largest provider of free computer access, providing 929 computers to the public. Library computers were used 802,615 times. Wireless Internet was accessed 392,660 times.


Volunteers make an important difference, now more than ever. This past year, volunteers contributed 56,350 hours of service in libraries.

Teen Summer Volunteers

From June 2014 to August 2014, 168 Teen Summer Volunteers contributed a total of 5,726 hours of service in libraries. Teens noted how volunteering at the Library helped them develop or improve important skills linked to success in the workplace: organization, teamwork, time management and customer service. (FY 2014 data)

Library members

271,000 people are active library users, having used their library card within the past two years.

Teachers and students

Educators and students use libraries. 1,074 teachers checked out materials for classroom use this past year, a 26% increase from the previous year. 4,635 students used the Library’s online homework help resource (FY 2014 data)

Job help

People turn to libraries when searching for new jobs. 2,762 unique visitors used the resources of the Job Help Center at Main Library. The Job Help Center helped with career counseling resources, resume assistance, practice interview sessions, and help filing online applications.

Customer Satisfaction

In our annual customer satisfaction survey, 97% of customers agreed to statements about quality, timeliness, communication, courtesy, respect and safety. (FY 2014 data)

Summer reading: building on school-year success

Libraries encourage kids to keep reading during the summer break, when they’re most at risk of losing academic gains made throughout the school year.

  • 22 million total mintutes of reading
    30,000 individuals signed up for the Library’s 2015 Summer Reading program. 
  • 25 minutes of reading per day
    Adults, school-age children and teens read for an outstanding average of 25 minutes per day, exceeding the research-based program's goal of 20 minutes per day.