All Library locations and book drops will be closed on May 26 and May 27 for Memorial Day. 

SUMMER SUNDAYS: All Library locations will be closed on Sundays from May 26 through September 1.

Library Card Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a card?

You may go to any of our branches to get a card. You will be required to show proof of residency (see below) before a card is issued. Or, if you are over 18 years of age, you may apply for a card online. If you are a student in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools system, you already have a full service Library account through our ONE Access program.  Check with your local branch for details.

How much does a library card cost?

A library card is free to Mecklenburg County residents, property owners and students. Non-residents can obtain a library card for an annual fee of $45 per household. The annual non-resident fee for senior citizens 62 and over is $35.

Where can I use this card?

Your full-service library card, both virtual and physical, can be used at all branches in Mecklenburg County as well as online to access many electronic resources. 

If I apply online, can I use my card right away?

You can use your library card number to access to all of Charlotte Mecklenburg Library's online resources right away by selecting a virtual card on the online request form. After your virtual library card has been processed by staff, you will have a full-service account that can be used to access all digital materials and resources, to place holds and check out physical items from any branch. If you want a physical card, you will have to go to a branch to have your account processed. 

How many items can I check out?

You may check out up to 99 items at any given time, but there are limits on various types of items such as audio/visual materials.

How long do I get to keep items?

Books, music CDs, audiobooks and audio cassettes can be checked out for three weeks with three renewals allowed if there are no reserves on the item. Videos and DVDs may be checked out for seven days with three renewals allowed if there are no reserves on the item. Some instructional videos and DVDs have a three-week loan period. Rental items may not be renewed; only re-rented if there are no other holds.

Can I let my child use my card?

Yes, however you are responsible for all items checked out and any fines that may accrue. If your child is a student in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools system, he/she already has access to all library resources through our ONE Access program. Please check with branch library staff for more information.

Can a minor (someone under age 18) get his or her own card?

All students in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools system automatically have their own library accounts through our ONE Access program. Children not enrolled in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools who can write their own name can apply for a library card. 

If a patron is 11 or under, a parent or legal guardian must sign and complete the Borrowing Permissions section of the application. If a customer is between the ages of 12-17, the written permission of a parent or guardian is required before the teen may borrow videotapes or DVDs.

How can I get an item that is at another location?

Your library card enables you to request that an item be transferred to a more convenient location for pickup.

What is acceptable as proof of address?

As proof of your current address, the Library will accept:

  • Driver’s license or state issued ID with current address
  • A copy of a signed lease or proof of home ownership
  • A utility bill in your name
  • Any piece of mail addressed to your current Mecklenburg County residence
  • Voter registration card