National Family Literacy Month at Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

Celebrate National Family Literacy Month this November with Charlotte Mecklenburg Library!

November marks National Family Literacy Month, a time to celebrate families- adults and children- learning together! Charlotte Mecklenburg Library always strives for families learning together, and this month we place a special emphasis on promoting and sharing all the resources, services, and programs you and your family can utilize to improve your literacy practices at home.

Read Together

Visit your local Library branch often as a family to check out books together! According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children who are read to have better language skills, have more interest in reading, and have better nurturing relationships with their parental figures (AAP, 2014).  Make it a habit to read as often as you can as a family. If you cannot make it in person to our Library locations, thousands of digital e-books await you online! Browse one of our digital book resources, and spend time reading together as a family.

Talk Together

Talking about books and what is going on in your child’s life will help to improve your child’s language and vocabulary skills. Cognitive scientists from MIT found that conversation between an adult and a child can actually change and enhance a child’s brain physiology (Association of American Universities, 2018)! Active Reading, or the practice of reading aloud a children’s picture book by asking questions, building vocabulary, and making connections to the child’s world and experiences, is a wonderful way to talk together as a family. Charlotte Mecklenburg Library provides Active Reading Family Workshops and Active Reading Training programs to help you and your family have meaningful conversations about books together.

Write Together

There are many ways to practice writing as a family at home. Start a family journal, where family members write back and forth to one another, or simply send notes and letters to each other! Seek inspiration from our storytellers at the Library to write your own story together as a family. Drawing counts too! The practice of writing aids in fine motor skills, self-expression, and language development. Feel free to write a book review as well together as a family and add it to our catalog for others to enjoy!

Learn Together

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library’s mission and vision is to improve lives and build a stronger community. We do this by learning together! There are many ways to learn together as a family at the Library. Programs are available daily that you can attend together as a family including storytimes, story explorer programs, puppet shows and more! Check out step-by-step books to create a new recipe or craft together as a family too. Discuss what you learned together as a family and share it with others.

Celebrate with Us

To celebrate National Family Literacy Month, you and your family are invited to participate in a special Virtual Family Literacy night on November 16, 2021 at 6 p.m. Expect singing, dancing, reading, writing, and learning together as a family to improve your literacy practices at home!

Improve your family literacy this month and beyond by checking out all that Charlotte Mecklenburg Library has to offer. Read together, talk together, write together, and learn together. We consider your family a part of our family, and we hope you consider Charlotte Mecklenburg Library part of your family too. Happy National Family Literacy month!


This blog post was written by Elyse Berrier, Library Program Coordinator, at Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.