Active Reading

Learn to read WITH your child, rather than reading a book TO your child! How? It’s called Active Reading. 


Active Reading is the practice of reading aloud a book with a child by asking questions, building vocabulary, and connecting to the child’s world. This evidence-informed approach improves a child’s language skills, vocabulary, and ability to understand what they read on their own. 


Charlotte Mecklenburg Library provides several ways for you to learn and practice Active Reading: Active Reading Family Workshops (one-hour session for parents/caregivers and children ages 2-5) and Active Reading Training (one-hour session for adults only). These programs teach adults how to share picture books with a child in a way that gets the child talking and thinking about the pictures, words, and ideas in the book. Adults learn to be active listeners that ask questions, build vocabulary, and connect to the child’s world. 


Organizations and school/childcare facilities interested in hosting an Active Reading Workshop or Active Reading Training should fill out the short form below to be contacted by Elyse Berrier, Active Reading Program Coordinator. Programs are facilitated as outreach for your organization, and can be facilitated in-person onsite or virtually via Zoom, Mondays-Thursdays 9-7 p.m.  



Learn more about Active Reading by viewing these videos:

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Participate in an online self-paced version of Active Reading Training in the comfort of your home or workplace.

Active Reading Training Online Module


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