Find the whole kit and caboodle at your Library

Two women use a cellphone video kit from Charlotte Mecklenburg Library with a boom mic overhead .

Libraries are more than books.

Libraries are institutions of learning that inspire innovation and creativity. As technology advances around the world, it’s important for libraries to keep pace and serve the needs – and interests – of their communities. So, what, in addition to a stellar collection of books and exciting programs and services, can you find at your Charlotte Mecklenburg Library? If your answer is creative tools and resources to help you express yourself, sharpen or showcase your creative talents, or to launch your next big idea into the market – you’re absolutely right.

Feeling creative? The Library offers the following leading-edge resources (kits):

  1. Cellphone Video Kits – So, you want to make a movie, eh? Our Cellphone Video Kits include everything you need to kick your smartphone videorecording and filmmaking efforts up a notch. Record professional audio, smoothly pan and record video and get the perfect shot. Whether you’re making a vlog, capturing an event or shooting a documentary, these kits contain all the essentials for solo projects and small teams. Learn more here.
  2. Podcast Kits – We can’t confirm whether everyone has a podcast these days, but we can confirm the Library has podcast kits to help you start your own. It’s true. Each podcast kit is housed in a numbered suitcase (think Deal or No Deal), complete with a lending barcode for easy checkout. Inside the sturdy, yet portable suitcase, you will find almost everything you need to podcast; just add a computer for the editing and hosting steps of the process. Oh, and you can borrow the kits for FREE, with your Library card, for up to three weeks! Read more about podcast kits here.
  3. Book Club Kits – The last year and a half has been challenging for all of us – especially for the traditional book club member. Naturally, you were used to meeting with your book club in person, and the COVID-19 pandemic shifted us all online and away from each other physically. Despite the distance, the Library worked to ensure book clubs now meeting in smaller groups or online could still access the most requested titles, adding many new reads to the list. Looking to restart your book club or join one online through the Library? Reserve one of our new Book Club Kits, complete with 10 books, which can be checked out by one member of the group for six weeks (no renewals), today! Book Club Kits also contain an information packet that includes discussion questions, author biographies and interviews. Some authors even include music selections to enhance your reading experience. Learn more about book club kits here.

There is something for everyone at Charlotte Mecklenburg Library – including the whole kit and caboodle. Happy reading and creating!