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RFP Submissions closed on February 14, 2024, 02:00 PM EST

Request for Proposals: Mobile Technology Classroom

Status: Closed

Summary: Bid Due Date & Time: Feb. 14, 2024, at 2 p.m. EST

Bid Type: Request for Proposal 

Department: Innovation and Technology  



The Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Library in Innovation and Technology Program is inviting qualified manufacturers to submit proposals to this Request for Proposal (RFP). 


The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to identify a qualified conservation professional and select the candidate with expertise needed for the mobile classroom project planned for the Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Library aims to seamlessly enhance existing mobile library services. The main task of this active and maneuverable vehicle used by current employees is to serve 4-6 people who are actively engaged in digital learning. Adapted as an agile resource, its purpose extends beyond library walls to connect with partners, including senior centers, refugee centers, and affordable housing complexes. The project plans to partner with various community organizations to act as a mobile hub for education and digital literacy. By prioritizing accessibility and adaptability, this initiative aligns with the library's commitment to reach diverse populations, promote learning, and create meaningful connections in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. 


All proposals will be received as instructed in the Mobile Classroom RFP document. 


Mobile Technology Classroom RFP

Download here.


Q&A Responses

Download a PDF of all questions and responses here.


Date & Time: 01/22/2024 - 09:59 

Vendor Question: Do you have a desired floor plan? If so, would you be able to send over the layout? Is a Winnebago E-450 with a fiberglass body an acceptable alternative for your chassis? The Interior ceiling is called out as textured fiberglass with polypropylene (PEPP) headliner. Please clarify if you want the ceiling to be fully wrapped with PEPP or just a specific section. 


Answer: No, there is not a desired floor plan. However, we would like the option of an open floor plan with moveable furniture that can function as a classroom as well as a one-on-one setting. If the width, length and height meet the proposal's specs. Yes, the preference is to have the ceiling fully with fiberglass with polypropylene (PEPP) for the interior ceiling.


Date & Time: 01/31/2024 - 11:09  

Vendor Questions: 

The mobile library will support 4 people minimum, 6 people maximum"  The only seats approved for riding positions when the vehicle is in motion are the driver and passenger.  Will you be facilitating any other passengers while the vehicle is in motion? 

Answer: No, we will not be facilitating any program while the vehicle is in motion.


Basic dimensions:  Mention exterior width at 100" and maximum interior width at 10'. Can we assume 102" max exterior width and 96" max interior width? 

Answer: Yes, you can assume the measurement to be max 102 inches exterior and max 96 inches (8ft) interior.


"Lighting mentions fluorescent lighting." Will you accept the current technology of LED lighting ILO fluorescent? 

Answer: Yes, the current technology will be accepted in terms of the LED fluorescent.


"Sidewall asks for .125" commercial aluminum sheeting." Will you accept fiberglass-reinforced composite used in numerous specialty vehicle construction applications? 

Answer: We accept fiberglass usage in the interior composite of the vehicle.  


"Performance bond:" Would you accept a bid that does not include the performance bond or list it as an option as these bonds can be costly based on the total price? 

Answer: All bids require performance bond to be submitted.



Date & Time: 01/31/2024 - 01:32

Vendor Questions: 

  1. Will the library accept the standard vehicle warranty, Winnebago warranty, and upfitter one-year warranty?  

    Answer: It is preferable to go beyond the standard. Warranty period, coverage, and availability of technical support will be considered when rating proposals.

  2. Is there a requirement for more than two people to travel in the vehicle at a time?

    Answer: Only two people will travel the driver and passenger at a time.  

  3. The vehicle and body information specified does not match the E450 chassis and the Winnebago body. Is this an acceptable chassis/body? Specifications to be provided in bid documentation. 

    Answer: The RFP listed other options of chassis (Ford, International, Freightliner) that are recommended. So, if the E450 chassis is not suitable an alternate can be selected from the other listed chassis. 

  4. Vehicle tank size may be smaller on the standard chassis pool vehicle. Is this acceptable?

    Answer: With the consideration that the generator gas tank will be connected to the vehicle tank, alternate sizes may be considered.

  5. Interior color selections on the chassis may be standard from the chassis pool. This greatly improves timeline versus special ordering. Is this acceptable? 

    Answer: Yes, this may be acceptable.

  6. Ford E450 chassis with Winnebago body comes with standard backup camera and side cameras activated with turn signals. Do you require an additional 360-camera system with DVR and more cameras?

    Answer: Yes, 360 cameras are required with any chassis selected.

  7. Is a spare tire shipped loose a hard requirement or can it be an option?  

    Answer: Spare tire may be included be an option.

  8. Allison's transmission is on a Freightliner diesel engine, not Ford. Will a standard gasoline Ford engine be acceptable?

    Answer: This can be acceptable, but other options will be considered with the final selection.

  9. Bumpers are standard from Ford, not heavy gauge steel. Is this acceptable?  

    Answer: Standard bumpers from Ford can be acceptable, but other options will be considered with the final selection.

  10. The windows in the entry door typically have two fixed windows. Is this acceptable?  

    Answer: Yes, but other options will be considered with the final selection.

  11. Do you require fixed windows in the wheelchair lift door?

    Answer: No, fixed windows are not required.

  12. In the door section you mention manual or electric. Is this a reference to the exterior steps for the side entry door? 

    Answer: Yes, that is in reference to the exterior steps for the side entry door.

  13. Body construction is standard fiberglass from Winnebago. Is this acceptable?

    Answer: Yes that is acceptable, but other options will be considered with the final selection.

  14. Floor material structure will be standard from Winnebago. Is this acceptable? The finish will be from upfitter, color TBD post-award.

    Answer: Yes, that is acceptable as long it meets the requirement listed in the RFP, but other options may be considered with the final selection. 

  15. Roof will be standard from Winnebago. Is this acceptable?

    Answer: Yes, that is acceptable as long it meets the requirement listed in the RFP, but other options may be considered with the final selection.

  16. Interior lighting will be standard LED versus fluorescent. Is this acceptable? 

    Answer: Yes that is acceptable, but other options may be considered with the final selection.

  17. For the one Acore cart, where will it be located? Do you require uprights for attaching to the wall? 

    Answer: It is preferred that vendors provide options in their plans, with the ability to attach the cart to the wall as an ideal feature. 

  18. Do you require an L-track in the flooring for strapping items while in transit?

    Answer: All moveable items will need to be secured while the vehicle is in transit. Any solution for this is acceptable.   

  19. For technology kits and laptops, do you have size information? Should there be Acore tech carts for these to charge in transit or will they be in a cabinet? 

    Answer: There is no sizing information for the laptop and technology kit, but all charging storage options will be considered.

  20. What type of pull-down screen shades are required? Do you have a make or model number? 

    Answer: The vendor should present the best option(s) in the submitted proposal.

  21. Would a standard rooftop AC with 15,000 BTU be acceptable? This is the industry standard for this vehicle platform. 

    Answer: The best standard for the vehicle's platform is acceptable, as long as other requirements are met.

  22. Do you require a fuel-fired heater?

    Answer: The best and fastest heating system for the vehicle will be considered.

  23. The ceiling from Winnebago is a standard high-quality light-colored vinyl. Is this acceptable? 

    Answer: Yes, that is acceptable as long it meets the requirement from the RFP, but other options will be considered with the final selection.

  24. The portable lecture stands for the instructor, do you have a make or model? Where will it be stored? 

    Answer: A specific make or model has not been identified. Ideally the vehicle could house a strong retractable stand which could be stored in a closet or secured while the vehicle is in motion.

  25. Vehicle seating does not swivel. Is this acceptable?  

    Answer: Yes, that is acceptable, but other options will be considered with the final selection.

  26. Would you prefer custom whiteboard finish laminate cabinets or aluminum cabinets for over each workstation? 

    Answer: All options will be considered.

  27. The interior monitor is 55” but not foldable. Is this acceptable? 

    Answer: Yes, a non-foldable interior monitor of 55” will be accepted, but other options will be considered with the final selection.

  28. Where would you like the pull-down projector screen? Will you have your own projector to project onto it? 

    Answer: The pull-down projector screen should be in a space that allows the best viewing for all customers on the vehicle, classroom style or individual. A built-in projector is ideal.

  29. What location will the foldable/collapsible/pull-down partition be? Is this for every workstation or to divide a part of the vehicle?  

    Answer: A partition will divide part of the vehicle to create a separate space, as needed.

  30. The vehicle is ADA accessible not ADA compliant unless all workstations are folded down. ADA compliant requires 60” of turn space. Is this acceptable?  

    Answer: Yes, this is acceptable. 

  31. Would you like pricing on a lithium-ion battery versus current specified batteries?  

    Answer: Alternate strategies for batteries may be considered during proposal review.

  32. For the exterior and interior digital screens for programming, are those the monitors described above? Do you need HDMI connections to both at the same time? Where would you like the connection?  

    Answer: For the interior, the HDMI connector at the portable lecture stand for instructors is preferred. For the exterior, two connectors are preferred: one from inside and the other from outside.

  33. For the cell phone booster antenna, do you have a make/model number?

    Answer: The best and technology suitable with the wireless router that was given in the RFP will be considered.

  34. What type of computer conduit will this be shipped to us prior to production?  

    Answer: No conduit has been selected, nor will one be shipped prior to production. Any suitable options will be considered. 

  35. Do you require graphic design or only wrap pricing?

    Answer: The graphic design and wrapping may be priced separately. 

  36. Would you like an option for solar panels? 

    Answer: Yes.

  37. There is mention of NC taxes and registrations. We are not in NC and we typically allow you to register the vehicle after delivery. Is this acceptable? 

    Answer: Yes that will be acceptable for vehicle registration. 


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