Innovation. The Community Media Strategy


The Community Media Strategy.

Through embracing innovation as an organizational strategy and process, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library is creating a culture where experimentation is encouraged, rewarded, and elevated across the library system. 

Idea Box.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library encourages visitors to get “creatively messy”
with free access to tools to design, build and co-create. Inside a glass room in Main Library in uptown Charlotte, you’ll hear the whirring of machines. It’s the sound of learning and comes from Idea Box, a makerspace that opened to the public in 2015. Visit the Idea Box.

Create. Write. Capture.

So what does this mean on a practical level? It means you will see our library staff and locations activating and implementing new programs, initiatives and concepts, and then asking you, our customers, more about your experiences in our facilities and though our web presence. We want to change our libraries not just for the sake of changing but to make a tangible impact in your life and to build a stronger community. These projects and experiments are just some of the ways we are expanding our field and our services to improve our community and our customers daily experience of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. 

MeckTech Computer Kit Program




Upcoming Programs:

Make a Movie Workshop

Aspire Community Capital Program


Watch Seth Ervin talk about Innovation and the Make a Movie Workshop on Fox46 Charlotte here. 


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Charlotte Mecklenburg Library’s mission is to improve lives and build a stronger community. To be successful in this mission the Library must remain engaged in its own transformation process, ever evolving to better meet the changing needs of our diverse community. 


The Charlotte Journalism Collective video. 

Find the whole kit and caboodle at your Library

Thursday, August 5, 2021
In addition to Book Club Kits, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library offers video cellphone kits and podcasting kits for the inspired innovator that lives within you. Read on to learn more about accessing these creative resources.