All Library locations AND book drops will be closed on Oct. 9 for CML's Staff Day

Guidelines for a Successful Group Visit to the Library

Thank you for recognizing the Library as a valuable educational resource for your group. Groups visiting any Charlotte Mecklenburg Library location are welcomed and encouraged to take advantage of all the Library has to offer, including programs, facility features and staff expertise. The following guidelines are in place to ensure your group has a focused and meaningful experience at the Library.

  • All requests for organized groups should be made at least three weeks in advance by contacting the library location you plan to visit. There are separate guidelines for group visits to ImaginOn, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library’s flagship space for children and teens.
  • The Library reserves the right to limit group visits during peak season, especially summer, in order to have quality programs and balance access for all interested organizations.
  • Contact your Library to schedule a visit at least three weeks ahead of time in order to have a quality experience and/or program. Drop-in group visits may be accommodated as space permits. The Library reserves the right to limit entry due to legal capacity limits and safety regulations. Capacity limits vary by location.
  • We recommend that during peak summer times adult chaperones are thoughtful about the number of group visits they request to balance access for all groups in Mecklenburg County. The recommended visit length for groups is 90 minutes. Groups must arrive and leave together.
  • All group members must abide by Charlotte Mecklenburg Library’s Rules and Regulations for Conduct in Libraries. In cases where there is disruptive behavior (loud, unreasonable, and/or disturbing noises) brought to the attention of staff, this may result in exclusion from the Library for the day.


Guidelines for Adult Chaperones (18 years and older) of Youth Groups

Thank you for agreeing to chaperone a youth group’s visit to the Library. Chaperones are a vital part of a successful group visit to any Charlotte Mecklenburg location. All chaperones are expected to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • On the date of the visit, each youth group must have an adult chaperone that checks in and out with library staff.
  • The adult chaperone is expected to have a list of all young people in the group, their emergency contact information and the sponsoring organization’s contact information.
  • A ratio of one adult chaperone per 10 youth is recommended. Groups that do not have this ratio in place may be asked to divide their group visit among multiple dates/times.
  • Adult chaperones must remain with their group at all times and actively participate in activities with their group. Adult chaperones are required to serve as active leaders in the library experience. Chaperones must be able to see the children in their care at all times and in all spaces in the building.
  • All youth and adult chaperones in the group must wear nametags that include their first name and the name of the organization.
  • Chaperone cell phones should be used for emergency purposes only.
  • Enjoy yourself and participate in activities with your group. The Library offers a great opportunity to teach, learn and have fun.