Talk it out: Why you need coaching in your life

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library's Job Help Center offers weekly  personalized coaching sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Have you ever had an idea that you couldn’t wrap your head around? Have you ever struggled with how to present yourself confidently in interviews? Or maybe you just needed to talk with someone who could offer objective career development strategies. In the initial stages of any project, idea or career advice opportunity, there are points of confusion or discontentment that lead to frustration. Sometimes, you need a listening ear that will provide sound guidance to help you along or confirm your efforts.

This moment is when most people seek out a coach.

Friends and family have a good ear and offer advice, but what is most needed for someone seeking options for growth and improvement is the assistance of someone who can provide objective insight, helping to identify goals, achieve perspective, supply effective feedback, and furnish support.

Coaching can key into personal potential that leads to maximized performance in career, entrepreneurship, personal, professional and business growth. The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library offers such “talk it out” sessions in the form of Career Development Intensive Coaching. Coaching sessions occur weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This coaching service primarily helps Library customers by assisting with:

  • Resume/cover letter/LinkedIn coaching
  • Mock interviewing and interview strategies
  • Strategizing the job search
  • Negotiating salaries
  • Career changes and transitioning
  • Talking out ideas and projects for entrepreneurs and small businesses

The Library’s Career Development Intensive Coaching is geared towards coaching individuals on personal and professional growth and development, career confidence, small business ideas, resources, business development and enhancing the entrepreneurial mindset. At some point, everyone is looking for growth and improvement in their life and you can talk it out with a coach at your local Library.


This blog was written by De'Trice Fox of Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.