Free Laundry and Literacy Day presented by LaundryCares

November 23, 2021

There are a few things that can be overlooked when we think of helping the community - including the importance of clean laundry and childhood literacy. Millions of families in underserved communities visit laundromats each week to fulfil the basic need for clean clothes. For many families, fulfilling this basic need can be challenging.  

The LaundryCares Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping laundromat owners provide services such as Free Laundry and Literacy Day and childhood literacy services to families in underserved communities, hopes to provide access to clean laundry and encourage childhood literacy during Free Laundry and Literacy Day in partnership with  Too Small to Fail, a public awareness and action campaign promoting the importance of early brain and language development, and Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. Free Laundry and Literacy Day is an event that hopes to ease some of the stress around dreaded laundry day by offering free laundry services, free early learning activities, and free food and drinks for those in the community. Also, be on the lookout, Sir Purr from the Carolina Panthers will be in attendance from 3-3:30 p.m., you don’t want to miss him! 

"Everyone is excited to help this new store open its doors and already give back to the neighborhood the business will serve,” said Dan Naumann, executive vice president of the LaundryCares Foundation. “We’re especially grateful for the installation of the new Family Read, Play & Learn Space here; it’s perfect for this location.”   

During Free Laundry and Literacy Day, members of the community are encouraged to bring in an unlimited amount of laundry to wash for free while children participate in early literacy activities with Marilyn Price, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library’s master puppeteer. There will also be a ribbon-cutting for a new Family Read, Play, & Learn space within LaundroLab. This learning space will offer comfortable seating with high-quality books, toys, and other learning materials designed to help parents and caregivers engage in literacy-rich activities with their children while they wait for their laundry.  

According to an independent study conducted by New York University (NYU), Family Read, Play, & Learn spaces in laundromats had an overwhelmingly positive effect on children’s literacy-related activity. The article also revealed that: 

  • “When spaces were paired with librarians, children engaged in substantial and sustained literacy activities.” 

  • “Parents expressed pride and delight as they observed their children’s literacy-related activities.” 

The LaundryCares Foundation will provide free children’s books to attendees to help children maintain great literacy habits at home. 

“We are excited to offer this event to our valued members of the community,” Dan Naumann continued. “Creating literacy-related spaces that provide books, play materials, and engage children developmentally not only creates a stronger generation, but also brings more families into the laundromat- which is a win-win for everyone.” 

Event Details: 

When: Friday, December 10, 2021, 1-6 p.m. 

Where: The Laundry Room - 901 E Arrowood Rd, Charlotte, NC 28217. We are excited to offer this event to our valued members of the community.  

Creating literacy related spaces that provide books, play materials, and engage children developmentally not only creates a stronger generation, but also brings more families into the laundromat- which is a win-win for everyone.  

Visit to learn more about the LaundryCares Foundation. 

--  This blog was written by Taylor Gantt, marketing and communications intern with Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.