Celebrating Poetry Month with Art at Myers Park Library

March 13, 2023

This blog was written by Mimi Curlee, adult librarian with Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, in March 2023


April is National Poetry Month. If you haven’t experienced any poetry since “Roses are red, violets are blue….” we encourage you to expand your poetry experience this month. The Myers Park Library has invited artist Justin Klaus to create an art installation celebrating the poetry of Dionne D. Hunter.


Facing the intersection of Queens and Providence roads, the artist has stretched shrinkwrap between 3 trees. He's spray painted a stanza from the poem “I’m at that Age” by local poet Dionne D. Hunter. He also sprain painted her portrait! 


All ages are invited to Celebrate Poetry Month with Dionne D. Hunter for a reading of the poem at on Tuesday, April 25th at 4:00pm. School age children created a sign that points foot traffic from the parking lot to the art installation. The installation will remain up for two weeks, weather permitting.


Please join us at this intersection of poetry, art, paint, and creativity to celebrate! 


I’m at that Age
by Dionne D. Hunter


I’m at the age where I appreciate every sunrise, sunset and all the hours 
in between


The age that causes me to notice the rhythmic timing of each breath


Each one serving as a reminder to thank God for allowing me to see
another day…


I’m at that age where things have start to stiffen up and maybe I don’t
move as fluently as I did at twenty two


But I’m also at that age where I realize so many people didn’t even get to
see today
So, I pray on bent and aching knee
Thank You Lord for Blessing me


I’m at that age where I see my kids making some of the same mistakes
that I did
And have to remind myself that though never easy
I made it through and so will they


I’m at that age where I understand that money will never buy true
But I’m also at that age where I understand that it definitely does help to
have a bit


I’m at that age where 6 pack abs still attract
But I’m also at that age where the actions of a true gentleman stops me
in my tracks


I’m at that age where I know what it means to be a Woman and how to
treat my Man


Beginning with listening to him while he explains what he needs from
Because, although there may be many similarities
All men are not the same


I’m at that age where I know good things don’t come to those who wait
They go to those who Plan, Work, Educate, Sacrifice, and repeat
rigorously over and over, and over again


I’m at that age where I appreciate spending time with my entire family
Whether we’re on good terms or not
Because I’m at that age where I’ve begun to lose so many people that I
care about.


I’m at that age where I’m bearing down on that age when more chapters
of my life will be in past instead of future tense
But I’m also at that age where I refuse to give up
I continue to strive
To Climb
To Improve
To Share and Create
Baring my Soul to the Universe
Honoring my Ancestors
My God and Myself
By becoming the best version of me possible
Striving to be MORE!
Patient and Nonjudgmental!
Because I’m at that age….


While you’re waiting, find some poetry to read. How can you resist titles such as How to Fly (in Ten Thousand Easy Lessons) by Barbara Kingsolver and The Courage of a Butterfly by Edmond E. Frank. Click this list for more recommendations.



 Justin Klaus, aka J Voc is a local Charlotte artist specializing in acrylic, aerosol murals and original paintings. His love of bright colors finds its way into almost all of his work; including abstracts, landscapes, and portraits. J Voc is a self-taught artist who believes you should never stop learning or seeking to use your talents and skills to lift others up. While he does offer commissioned work of all kinds, Justin most enjoys creating pieces that edify the soul; evoking thoughts and emotions of Love, Joy, Unity, and Freedom. When he’s not painting, you will likely find him on a skateboard, surfboard, or bike. You can see more of his work on Instagram @jvoc_art and at




Dionne D Hunter is an Author, Poet, and Spoken Word Artist who is also proud to be a United States Navy Veteran, mother of two and grandmother of four. She’s the author of a short story titled “I am a Dahomey Warrior!” which follows the life of a young girl growing up in Africa prior to its colonization. In addition, Ms. Hunter’s poetry has been published in several anthologies, and she was a finalist for the 2022 inaugural position of Charlotte North Carolina Poet Laureate. To contact Ms. Hunter please email [email protected]