From a broken laptop to a world of possibilities

February 15, 2024

By Tommy Scott 

When local business owner Anthony Gill’s laptop broke during an important day at work, he started looking for other options – which led him to Mountain Island Library, and a whole world of opportunity.  

Gill is the owner of Gill Incorporated Design Solutions, an end-to-end product development services company based in Charlotte. Like many in the post-2020 world, he conducts most of his business virtually.  

With that comes the need for a space to work. Gill has long preferred to be outside of his home - whether that be a coffee shop, restaurant, or anywhere else he can get internet access and quietly spend his time working.  

However, when Gill’s laptop broke, he found Mountain Island Library in a Google search - and the rest is history.  

Gill, who uses the computer lab at the Library daily now, says his eyes were opened very quickly to how many resources the Library has to offer outside of books.  

“I’ve discovered a lot of free resources that are available online here,” Gill said. “Not having access to my laptop but being at the Library gives me access to software and other programs that I otherwise would not have.” 

Gill said that a Library assistant spent time sharing business resources that he could access at the Library.  

“Dexter introduced me to one program specifically that has a database full of companies which could be used for marketing or networking opportunities,” Gill said. “Just knowing the Library offers all these resources that can help my business is a great feeling.” 

Beyond having the resources to help him run his business, Gill has started participating in Library programs while he is there – most notably, a sign language class. 

“I had an interest in learning sign language, and they have a class once a week here,” Gill said. “I decided to start participating and now I have been going for a few months. People just don’t realize what a great resource the Library is.” 

Gill says that another great aspect of being at the Library is the sense of community.  

“That’s been an unexpected benefit of being here,” Gill said. “There is a very calm and welcoming atmosphere here. I even spend some time out by the pond occasionally for fresh air during the day.” 

While Gill originally came into the Library with a simple need for computer access, he was able to be fully immersed in what a library truly is – a place to learn a new skill, a place to meet new people, a place to manage your business. He discovered that the library can be whatever you need it to be.