Grant Seeking and Fundraising Resources

Along with the Carolinas - Foundation Center resources, which feature profiles of private and federal government grantmakers, nonprofits may want to further explore resources for other types of fundraising. Grants are only one form of nonprofit fundraising. The Library's resources include print and electronic resources for annual campaigns, fundraising events, earned income and other types of nonprofit revenue.


Grantspace is the premier Foundation Center resource for free, easy-to-use, self-service tools to help nonprofits worldwide become more viable grant applicants and build strong, sustainable organizations.


Resources for Nonprofits Grant Seeking

Information on over 900 grant programs and access to approximately $360 billion in annual awards grants offered by the 26 Federal grant-making agencies.


Guidestar is a free service for donors and nonprofits, providing information on the activities and finances of more than 650,000 nonprofit organizations.

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

Federal programs that provide both financial and non-financial benefits to nonprofits, including grants, loans, loan guarantees, services, and more.


A service of The Foundation Center harnessing the practical wisdom of funders to provide free resources that improve the practice of philanthropy. 

Nonprofit Programs & Events

Grant-Ready Program Development and Operation Series

Wednesday, October 24 9:15 AM
Main Library

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library & Foundation Center, South present:Part 1- Social Sector Program Development and Ecosystem Building for Greater ImpactConveying a strong program design and process are keys to delivering maximum donor impact in your grant proposal.

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Grant-Ready Program Development and Operation Series

Thursday, October 25 1:00 PM
Main Library

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library & Foundation Center, South present:Part 2 - Part 2- Ecosystem Identification and Connecting for Greater ImpactRegardless of their organizational or personal missions, the need for social sector professionals and organizations to continually nurture the developmen

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