Resources for writers

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library loves books and writers!  The Library has many resources for aspiring writers.  Explore our digital and print resources as well as our calendar of events for writers!

November is an exciting month for aspiring writers!  November is National Novel Writing Month when writers worldwide write with a goal of ending the month with 50, 000 words of a brand-new novel.  Are you inspired to write the next great American novel?  Do you want to create a book of family history to share with cousins near and far?  The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library has resources for every type of writer to get you started on your journey.

Digital Resources

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library has resources to help you in writing, publishing, and sharing your creation. 

Pressbooks is an easy-to-use online software program that allows writers to create professional e-book and print ready files in ePUB, MOBI, and PDF formats.  Pressbooks covers all aspects of writing your book, start to finish.  All you need to get started is a library card!  Access Pressbooks from the Library’s Resources page and create a Biblioboard profile to get started. 

After creating your masterpiece, you can submit your work to be self-published using the Indie Author Project resource.  Submitting your work to Charlotte Mecklenburg Library’s Indie Author Project resource can promote your work and increase readership.  After being vetted by Biblioboard, your work is added to the statewide Indie North Carolina Collection on Biblioboard Library.

Biblioboard Library is an e-book resource.  Content on Biblioboard Library includes titles from independently published authors in North Carolina, a curated K-12 Classroom Collection of literature, philosophy, history and geography topics, and other top independently published e-books.  E-books created by Charlotte Mecklenburg Library customers can be found here!  Biblioboard Library e-books are always available with no wait! 

Print Resources

Need some help getting started on your writing journey or just want to learn more about the writing craft?  Recommendations from Charlotte Mecklenburg Library staff can be found in our catalog.

Events and Programs

Want to connect with fellow local writers?  Attend one of our writing group programs!  Love poetry?  We have a program for you!  Charlotte Mecklenburg Library has programs and events for writers of all ages.  Explore our event calendar here.

Access all the Library’s resources for free with your library card.  Don’t have one?  Sign up here!  If you need more help with the resources covered in this blog, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library staff are available to help by email, chat, and phone


 This blog was written by Amy Richard, library collections manager at Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.