Genealogy: Are You Stumped?

Monday, February 10 1:00 PM

In this advanced genealogy workshop you will learn how to navigate the next step in your search. Maybe you cannot find a certain relative or have reached a road block. This session will give you a chance to meet with a librarian to assist with more searching techniques.

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Brooklyn to Biddleville

Thursday, February 6 6:30 PM
Morrison Regional

Look back at Charlotte’s impressive African American “city within a city,” the Brooklyn neighborhood where today’s Government Center now stands. It's the subject of a new exhibition at Levine Museum of the New South.

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History's Mysteries: Three Architectural Marvels

Thursday, December 12 1:00 PM

Put on your hiking boots, grab your walking stick, and get ready to uncover three marvelous mysteries at a mountain top and deep inside Equatorial Jungles. Each of our destinations seemed like a good idea to someone when it was first built.

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