Great Audiobooks for Young Adults

Summer has approached and with that means many families will be heading out on vacations. But what are you supposed to do during all those driving and flying hours? Listen to audiobooks! Below is a list of audiobooks that, not only have great stories, but great voice readers as well. Don’t forget to see if they are available digitally, then you just need to download the app associated with the digital audio, and you can have access through most smartphones and tablets.

June Is Audiobook Month!

It’s June and that means summer is on—time for road trips, lazy afternoons on the beach or at the pool, hikes in the cool mountains, or a nice early morning or late evening stroll. Audiobooks are the perfect entertainment for all of your summertime activities, so it’s fitting that June is National Audiobook Month! Charlotte Mecklenburg Library has a variety of resources, both physical and digital, for finding the perfect audiobooks for your summer.