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Inside look: Morrison Regional Library’s (very cool) book conveyor belt

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Drop your book or materials inside the return slot at Morrison Regional Library and listen. You’ll hear the chugging whir of the conveyor belt that, behind the materials drop, propels the item up a steep ascent like a roller coaster on its way back to a sorting bin where the circulation team will...

Library Codelab: Monthly Coding Class for Adults

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What's Library Codelab? Library Codelab is a monthly meetup for adults where we explore different coding languages through projects and hands-on practice. We offer resources, motivation and access to a community of coders in a non-intimidating environment. Each meeting, we focus on a different...

Create your own podcast (for free!) with your library card

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You know you can borrow books, movies, CDs, audiobooks and even e-books from Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. Now, thanks to a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the Library also lends podcast kits, free of charge, for up to three weeks. All you need is a library card. You’ve...