SELF-e (now known as Indie Author Project)

SELF-e is a self-publishing program where local indie authors can share publish their e-book through the Library.  Authors looking to promote their work and increase readership and exposure can submit their work to Charlotte Mecklenburg Library's SELF-e program to be featured in the statewide Indie North Carolina's collection, with the potential for national exposure.

How does the SELF-e Program work?

  • Authors submit their works to Charlotte Mecklenburg Library's SELF-e program
  • All submissions are vetted by Biblioboard and then Library Journal further vets Adult and YA fiction submissions
  • After the book is vetted by Biblioboard, it appears in Biblioboard Library in the statewide Indie North Carolina Collection
  • Adult and YA fiction titles deemed by Library Journal as high-quality works are labeled as SELF-e Select titles.  In addition to appearing in the statewide Indie North Carolina collection, these titles will also appear in the LJ SELF-e Select collection, which is available to Biblioboard users nationwide.

How do authors submit their work to SELF-e?

Authors can submit to SELF-e in three ways:

  1. Visit Charlotte Mecklenburg Library's SELF-e page (click ACCESS NOW).
  2. Authors can submit their work directly from Pressbooks under the "Publish" option.
  3. From the Biblioboard Library menu option, authors can click the "Submit to SELF-e" link and will be redirected to the SELF-e Page.