Seth Ervin

Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer
Seth Ervin, Chief Strategic and Innovation Officer

Seth ErvinChief Strategic and Innovation Officer

Seth Ervin is the Chief Strategic and Innovation Officer for Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. He leads the Innovation activities for the Library in his role, seeking to pioneer new avenues for the library to remain essential within the digital information ecosystem of the Charlotte community. Interests and focuses include digital equity, local/community journalism, customer and community engagement, service design and disruptive technologies.

In addition, Seth serves as the current convenor of the Charlotte Digital Inclusion Alliance.  The CDIA is a volunteer coalition of institutions and non-profit organizations committed to eliminating the digital divide in Mecklenburg County.

When it comes to moving the Library FOREWORD, Seth is most passionate about two culture principles: We Over Me and Every Voice Counts. “I think these are some of the most challenging culture principles because they force us out of patterns that are usually self-benefiting or hierarchical in nature,” Seth says.  

Seth works daily to ensure his actions are not proprietary in nature, but beneficial to the full Library staff and the organization. “I am not a believer in change for change's sake,” he says. “Change, for the most part, needs to have a purpose and needs to be grounded in the strategy of the Library. I also am a huge believer that good ideas and innovation can come from anyone,” he adds. Seth also believes libraries are institutions that point us toward a better way of being as humans and communities.  

Outside of the Library, Seth loves living life with his beautiful wife, two rambunctious sons, a dog and four chickens.