3 ways to explore without limits

explore without limits

Planning a trip? Exploring new places can be a great way to expand your mind and learn new things, but sometimes exploring can take you to places that don't offer the connectivity that you need. Don't let a lack of internet or Wi-Fi access be a limitation! You can now rent a portable, wireless hotspot from the Library to ensure connectivity throughout your travels. We think this is news worth trumpeting far and wide, so here are three ways you can properly celebrate your freedom to explore without limits. 
1. Rent a wireless hotspot from the Library for your trip. 
Renting an affordable, portable device lets you access high speed internet anywhere a cell phone signal can be received, and you can connect up to ten devices to the internet at one time! Visit the Library's Borrower Policy page and scroll down to Rentable Wi-Fi Hotspots for details on rental fees and how to reserve a hotspot through our catalog.

2. Find exciting or interesting places—and bring your hotspot! 
This is the fun part! And because you've packed your hotspot, you don't have to worry about whether your hotel, campground or grandparents' guest room has Wi-Fi. 
3. Spread the joy of exploration 
Help us keep the spirit of exploration going by using the #icanexplore hashtag and tagging @cmlibrary in your posts! Whether you tweet about the places you're planning to go with your hotspot, share a travel tip or trick, or share a snapshot on Instagram of interesting things you've spotted on your journey, we want to hear about it! 
Happy travels everyone!