You signed up, you read...we ALL succeeded!

Thanks to you, Summer Reading 2015 met its goals and 15,600 active readers were a large part of the program's success.

By Summer Reading's end on August 15, some 8,632 participants completed the program and read or participated in Summer Reading activities for an average of 25 minutes per day.

Based on a wealth of research, kids and teens who read just 20 minutes per day are more likely to succeed in school and life beyond the classroom.

Adults who read for leisure (and we're talking more than just twitter and facebook posts) receive benefits too - from stress reduction and memory improvement to increased vocabulary and more.

We're proud of our Summer Reading efforts this year, and more than that, we're proud of you for making Summer Reading a priority in your busy lives.

Last year's summer reading participation statistics are reported on the Library By the Numbers page.