Who's Your (great great great grand) Daddy?

Grandparent's Day

It was only 40 years ago that President Jimmy Carter made Grandparents Day an official holiday. Can you believe that? 

This year, as you decide how to celebrate, grab your Library card and let Charlotte Mecklenburg Library help you connect with your close and distant relatives.

Recording grandma and grandpa’s stories and memories can be an important way to research and preserve your family history. Get tips on collecting and archiving those memories with Curating Oral Histories. Sharing photos and mementos can also be a bonding and learning experience. How to Archive Family Keepsakes can help with that!

Census Bureau records are also a great way to add to your investigation into the past. Every decade the Census Bureau releases responses from United States households, including statistics on race, ancestry, education, health and housing information. You can use Heritage Quest to research your grandparents, great grandparents and beyond from 1940 and earlier.

Need more inspiration to get started? Try a few episodes of Henry Louis Gates' PBS series, Finding Your Roots and follow the ancestor searches of celebrities including Samuel L. Jackson, Anderson Cooper, Shonda Rimes and Gloria Steinem.

Don’t forget the wealth of information and resources available to you from the Robinson Spangler Carolina Room located in the Main Library. The librarians there can help with research, historical document location and general wisdom on the process of tracing your roots.

Happy hunting and happy Grandparents Day.