Teen Librarian Recommends: Spooky Reads

It’s getting closer to the end of October, and even though the temperature is not much cooler, it’s time to start thinking about your costume and all the candy you will devour for Halloween! Here is a list of spooky reads that will warm your ghoulish heart and get you into the spooky spirit. These young adult books will surely make the werewolf within you howl with glee!

If you are a fan of books about high school drama with a little bit of Frankenstein, Monster’s High by Lisi Harrison is the perfect book for your monster side. The book features Frankie,  a 15 year old descendant of Frankenstein, who attends a high school with descendants of movie monsters as well as “normies”, who are unaware of them. Frankie shakes things up at school when she reveals her true identity and tries to influence the other monsters to come out of hiding as well. The story unfolds as the two group of high schoolers learn more about each other’s differences.

What if the spooky stories we heard as a kid turned out to be true? Sixteen year old Jacob Portman’s grandfather always told him stories of children of unnatural abilities. After his grandfather was murdered, Jacobs goes on a journey to find out if the mysterious children he heard about were actually real people. Could a young girl really levitate? Is there a boy with bees living inside of him? Find out in Ransom Riggs’s Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

Boo! Can you see ghosts? Well, Sam Toop can. In Gareth P. Jones's novel Constable & Toop, the story follows Sam, who has the unnatural ability to speak to ghosts, and when ghosts are mysteriously getting banished from where they are haunting, Same Toop is enlisted to find out why. For those who love humor with a side of gruesome, this book is right for you!

Emily the Strange: The Lost Days, by Rob Reger, is the story of Emily, a skateboard master, Hot Topic-wearing evil genius, has lost all memory of who she is or where she is. She discovers that she is truly an unique individual who is proud of her “strange” ways. The book is part graphic novel, so the beautiful images help the reader enjoy and want to get to know the odd Emily!