Teen Librarian Recommends: Favorite YA Book Lists

YA Bibliocommons List



You know that feeling when you have read something amazing but you have no idea what to read after? Will it be as good? Is there anything else like it? And also...how can I find anything else like it?


Our staff members at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Library are always updating our online catalog to have more book lists. We have about every kind you can imagine, and we have some incredible Young Adult book lists as well. There is a simple trick to find the book lists. In our catalog, change the “Search by” function to “List” and search “CMLibrary” with “Young Adult”, “Teen”, or “YA”! I’ve pulled up some of my favorites here, but there are many more lists out there to browse.


Love the Hunger Games? What about the Selection series? This booklist featuring YA Distopian, by akeller, will give you more suggestions for books that are set in an alternate reality.


There are several books about true events that took place in the past in the Young Adult Historical Nonfiction booklist by mdodds. If you enjoy learning more about the past, these are great books to add to your reading list.


Sometimes we all need to be inspired. Check out these books about Inspirational Young Adult Novels by areid. There are several suggestions to give you a little pick-me-up when you are down.


For Harry Potter fans, we have a selection of Harry Potter Read Alikes for Young Adults by mdodds. These books will leave you feeling very magical. Accio good books!


There may be a book version of the series you just finished binging on Netflix. Take a peek at the YA Books to the Small Screen list, by acallan, and see if one of your favorite shows is also readable!