Talking Turkey


Since Thanksgiving became an official holiday in 1863, November has become a pretty unlucky month for the turkey. But if you're looking for digital downloads featuring this doomed domestic fowl, you are definitely in luck. Whether you're looking to raise one, roast one or just read about rescuing one, the library can help.

Do your November plans include preparing a turkey dinner for family and friends? Find inspiration in the pages of magazines like Taste of Home, Rachel Ray Every Day, or Food Network Magazine. Love fried turkey? Crispy deliciousness can be achieved with the help of the Ultimate Turkey Fryer Cookbook.

If a store-bought turkey is too tame for you, you can try your hand at bagging your own. Check out the Turkey Hunting Bible for tips and tricks on taking down your own turkey dinner.

Or take it to another level and start a turkey farm. The Vintage Farming Classic Pheasants, Turkeys and Geese and Storey's Guide to Raising Turkeys will introduce you to the pleasures and rewards of breeding and managing your own poultry.

Have a soft spot for the plight of the poor turkey? Instead of eating one, you can read a story where no actual birds are harmed. Root for Gus, the Pilgrim Turkey as he tries to avoid becoming part of a holiday feast or follow the exploits of two city slickers who fall for a small-town farmer’s daughter's offer to take over her ailing grandma's turkey farm in The Thursday Turkey Murders.

And nothing says turkey love like a turkey ringtone for your phone. Download yours from the Turkey Pop Chipmunk album in time for the holidays.