She's a Wonder

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Day  is officially June 3rd, but you can start celebrating the timeless Amazonian princess this #ThrowbackThursday with a look back at her 70+ years of history. 

The heroine whose legacy has lasted generations is making her big screen debut this weekend, but her comic book debut occurred back in 1941 in the pages of All Star Comics.  Her own stand-alone series soon followed in 1942, and nearly 700 issues later, Diana Prince is still going strong in 2017. 

If you're looking for a little backstory on Wonder Woman's comic book journey try 

Secret History of Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman Unbound

Or check out the Wonder Woman 50th anniversary story arc, War of the Gods, written by acclaimed comic writer and illustrator, George Pérez. 

And Lynda Carter fans can rejoice!  DC recently introduced a special line of Wonder Woman comics hearkening back to the glory days of the 1970s TV show fittingly titled, Wonder Woman '77

You can learn more about the creation of that iconic show with video perspectives from Lynda Carter herself in the "Pioneers of Television (Season 3): Superheroes" series from Films on Demand.  And if you're already in a reminiscing mood, don't forget to revisit the show's theme song.