Mosley Adds a New Detective to His Writing Portfolio

Award-winning mystery author Walter Mosley is busy as ever working on his writing craft as his newest novel was released last week. It is Down the River unto the Sea introducing private detective Joe Oliver King.  Is this book a standalone novel or the first of a new series?  Two rotating book critic comments give conflicting answers on the top of the author’s website.  In either case, the novel follows King’s path from ruin to redemption and perhaps a chance to reclaim a past wrong. 

King is weighted down by a turbulent life in recent years.  He was an exceptional NYPD detective, but today is also a former prison convict, having spent time in Rikers Island.  The jail sentence was for an assault charge but King had a different explanation of that verdict.  He would say he was framed by his enemies on the police force.  Two women come into King’s life, however, and he faces two important opportunities to take a stand for justice.  First, a woman comes to support his claim that police framed him, leading to prison.  King investigates further and visits the touchy case of police misconduct.  The next woman is a new client who comes with a dramatic case of a reporter on death row for murder and she asks for help to prove he acted in self-defense. 

Mosley is continuing to blaze his trail of black private detectives as King joins his previous creations of Easy Rawlings and Leonid McGill.   Charlotte Mecklenburg Library has all titles from the two series in its collection in either print or electronic format.