It’s Either Tracking Killers or Tracking Birds in this Detective Series

Spring is officially here and with expectant outdoor activities and one mystery series appears to catch and apply it as its major theme: birdwatching.  That is, the new series features a central character who is an avid birdwatcher.  Domenic Jejeune, a newly promoted police inspector is assigned to a small town in east England, which is a prime location for birdwatching in the country.  And yet, the law officer must stay busy with his assigned duties including working on the occasional murder cases.

Writer Steve Burrows’ mystery books keep to a tight formula for this niche series.  The book titles feature a specific species of bird such as in the first book, A Siege of Bitterns: Birder Murder Mystery 1 and use the series name “The Birder Murder Mystery” for the crime-solving, birdwatching enthusiast.  Burrows’ Jejeune is described in the first, award-winning novel as “ruffling a few feathers” when during his job although “Jejeune doesn’t really want to be a detective at all; he much prefers watching birds.”  The author’s website notes he also lives as a “birder” by pursuing his hobby over six continents. 

To date, Burrows’ books have been published in Canada, where he lives, and the United Kingdom but arrive this year in the United States with the first four available to be reserved at the Library now.