Hamilton comes to Charlotte. Prepare for Hamilton Mania with the Library.

Hamilton comes to Charlotte

Looking to pre-game the Hamilton sensation about to sweep Charlotte (The endlessly award-winning musical opens Wednesday, Oct. 10.)? Alternatively, if you weren’t lucky enough to score tickets to the Lin Manuel-Miranda musical, don’t worry (easier said than done, we realize). Charlotte Mecklenburg Library has a slew of Hamilton-related materials to make you feel like you’re in the room where it happened.  


You can start with the book that inspired the musical, Ron Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton. Or take in Alexander Hamilton’s ideas and viewpoints in his own words in his Federalist Papers, Revolutionary Writings or even his Adultery and Apology. You can also learn more about Hamilton’s feud with Aaron Burr and the need for ten duel commandments in the video documentary Duel from Films on Demand. And if you’re interested in the charming Schuyler sisters, take a look at some of the historical and fictional accounts of second daughter Elizabeth “Eliza” Schuyler.   


Once you know more about the man, you can get to know the Pulitzer Prize-winning musical. Get an inside look at the story behind the Broadway sensation from the perspective of its Tony Award-winning creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, in Hamilton: The Revolution. Or see and hear from cast members as they describe their experiences making the hit musical in One Shot to Broadway. You can also stage your own take on the musical with the help of music and lyrics to 17 of the memorable selections from Hamilton. The youngest fans can also get in on the action with Lullaby Renditions of Songs from Hamilton. 


The Library is as deep in Hamilton mania as you are, so don’t miss your shot...at discovering more about the man, the myth, the musical.