Back-to-School Blues? Cheat Time with These Books

Time Travel

The best part about having a time machine is that summer never has to end! O.K., so maybe we can’t time travel (yet), but we can travel back in time through books.

Thriller/romance: Chase a killer through time with Kate Pierce-Keller, who recently discovered she’s the only one who can change save a life and change the history of the world in Timebound by Rysa Walker. Temporal hijinks ensue as Kate attempts to change the world without losing her budding romance.

Military history: Cold Summer follows Kale Jackson, who wants a normal life with his father and the girl who used to live next door, Harper. Unfortunately, his out-of-control time-traveling ability isn’t making that easy. He’s struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from acting as a sharpshooter in 1945 already, and now Harper has found Kale’s name listed in the causalities of World War II. Is his death in battle as inevitable as it seems?

Steampunk: When clock towers control time, a damaged clock can fracture time and a broken clock tower could mean time stops altogether. Now, someone is sabotaging the towers. Timekeeper follows Danny as he fights to discover who the saboteur is and stop them before it’s too late and before he loses another loved one.

Mystery/romance: In Ruby Red, Gwyneth is shocked to discover her mother lied about Ruby’s birthday, and now she must learn to understand her ability, brush up on her history and hopefully figure out why her mother lied. It seems Ruby can trust Gideon, but as they travel through time, who else can they trust?

Back in the real world where time traveling isn’t yet a thing, Summer Break is ending. Before school starts, join Charlotte Mecklenburg Library for one last summer hurrah on Thursday from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. at University City’s Teen Summer Break Finale.