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The Hunger Games

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Collins, Suzanne(2008)
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The Hunger Games
Young Adult

This wildly suspenseful novel kept me on the edge of my seat! Suzanne Collins delivers in her new tale where the United States is only a memory. The people left are struggling to survive in Panem, formerly the USA. Katniss Everdeen lives in district twelve with her mother and young sister. Soon Katniss faces death head on as she becomes one of her district’s two entries in the annual Hunger Games. Meant to remind the people of who’s in charge, the Capitol oversees the games. Each year, they pit teen against teen in a game of survival - a game that is televised for the whole country to witness. This fast paced, sometimes grisly novel will surely keep your pulse pounding. Recommended for older young adults.

Reviewed by Tiffany B., University City Regional

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Reader's comments about this book

The Hunger Games is a great book for all ages.
-Joslyn, Charlotte, NC

This book is a page turner and the action in this book can get you interested in seconds. Also this book includes so much detail. Just reading it can get you trying to imagine being one of the characters. Panem is an awesome place.
-Diana, Matthews. NC

`The Hunger Games` is a really great book, and the rest of the series is great too. Suzanne Collins couldn`t have done a better job with this book.
-Anjeline, Charlotte, NC

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