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My Sister's Keeper

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Picoult, Jodi(2004)
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My Sister's Keeper

How would you feel if you knew your parents conceived you for the purpose of being an organ donor to an older sibling? This is the dilemma 13-year-old Anna faces in My Sister`s Keeper. Her older sister, Kate, has a rare form of lukemia and Anna has given stem cells, bone marrow, and is now being pressured by her parents to give Kate a kidney. But, Anna turns the tables on her family when she hires a lawyer to sue her parents for the medical rights to her own body. However, Picoult`s novels tend to have a surprise ending and My Sister`s Keeper is no exception. The ending to this novel is totally unexpected and changes the lives of everyone in the Fitzgerald family.

Reviewed by Jessica B., Mint Hill Branch

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