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MIddlesex: A Novel

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Eugenides, Jeffrey(2002)
MIddlesex: A Novel

From the author of The Virgin Suicides comes a multi-faceted tale of a family`s identity, spanning 80 years and two continents. Recounted through the eyes of grandson Calliope `Cal` Stephanides, this modern Greek epic begins around the time of the fall of Smyrna in 1922, when siblings Desdemona and Eleutherios `Lefty` must abandon their ancestral village for the New World, specifically Henry Ford`s Detroit. With humor and insight, the reader follows three generations of the Stephanides family through speakeasy proprietorship to their son Milton`s interstate Herculean Hotdog empire of the 1970s. This is not just a story about food or being Greek, but rather a gentle morality tale about how the consequences of choices have lasting effects, generation after generation.

Reviewed by Lydia L., Main Library

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