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Hirsi Ali, Ayaan(2007)

There are few things worse than a woman who is considered not “baarri”. Ayaan Hirsi Ali writes, “…baarri is like a pious slave. She honors her husband’s family and feeds them without question. If her husband rapes her… taunts her… takes another wife… beats her… she lowers her gaze and hides her tears. She is devoted… this is baarri.” Infidel is a powerful collection of memoirs that allows insight into the fusing of traditions, cultures, and customs. Hirsi Ali gives in-depth and remarkably detailed accounts of how uneducated and often illiterate women are systematically mistreated, forced into arranged marriages, discounted and stripped of their dignity. Considered a political propaganda tool of Western influence, Hirsi Ali has received several death threats and is currently seeking asylum in the United States.

Reviewed by Wendy B.

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