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The Friday Night Knitting Club

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Jacobs, Kate(2007)
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The Friday Night Knitting Club

Put down your knitting needles and open Kate Jacobsís debut novel to meet Georgia, Dakota and Anita, all of whom will welcome you to the yarn shop and to their weekly Friday Night Knitting Club meetings. The characters are as vivid and distinct as the skeins of yarn sold in Georgiaís shop, and Jacobs crafts a story that is so rich and so carefully woven the reader will instantly feel as if they are the ones helping Georgia rekindle her romance with James, as well as the ones cheering for Cat as she frees herself from a stifling marriage and those who support Lucie through her pregnancy. As you finish the final chapter, please resist the urge to pick up your knitting needles and, instead, head to your computer and check out the wonderful websites that accompany this novel.

Reviewed by Catherine H., Cornelius Branch

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