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Chasing Lincoln's Killer

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Swanson, James(2009)
Chasing Lincoln's Killer
Young Adult

This is a suspense-driven account of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the twelve days his killer was at large. The book was derived from hundreds of original sources: letters, manuscripts, newspapers—some of which make it into the book as scanned photographs. The fast paced story follows John Wilkes Booth’s careful planning of Lincoln’s assassination and its successful inaction to the week he spends on the run with his co-conspirators, while the country searches for him. The true crime drama, a slimmer version of Swanson’s bestselling adult version, brings this historical event alive.

Reviewed by Meri H., University City Regional

Reader's comments about this book

Not done, but good so far...
-emiley, hockley, TX

Personally I found this novel fascinating, it kept me intrigued with the way it was worded and James Wilkes Booth .. just WOW !
-Lauren Janelle, KC, Missouri

This book is amazing and very detailed. I just love how the author incorporated all the things that happen before the assassination and after the assassination. I would highly reccomend this book.
-Ryan, Glen Ellyn, IL

I love books explaining assassinations of famous people. I might only be twelve, but this book was great. I enjoyed it and strongly recommend it to everyone looking for a good book on murder(that sounds bad)!
-Haley, Charlotte, NC

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