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Memoirs of a Geisha

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Golden, Arthur(1997)
Memoirs of a Geisha

Nitta Sayuri, a celebrated Geisha of the 1930`s and 1940`s, dictates her memoirs from her Park Avenue suite. Her translator, like the author of this book, is a scholar of Japanese history. As a nine-year-old girl, Sayuri, who has unusual blue-gray eyes, is sold by her impoverished father to a famous Geisha house in Kyoto. She undergoes many hardships, especially at the hands of the beautiful but evil head Geisha, Hatsumomo, until a chance encounter with a kind older man changes her outlook and the course of her life. Traditional Japanese culture comes to life in this intimate and detailed portrait. Beautifully told, and so authentic it`s hard to believe that it`s fiction.

Reviewed by Ruth H., North County Regional

Reader's comments about this book

What a page-turner! It is hard to believe that an American male could capture the range of emotions and subtle nuances in the life of a Japanese woman! I can't believe this is fiction. Also, the movie looks promising.
-Ongisa, Charlotte, NC

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