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Coldest Winter Ever

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Souljah, Sister(1999)
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Coldest Winter Ever

Winter Santiaga is accustomed to having the finer things in life. Her father provides her with nothing but the best. However, her father is a drug lord in Brooklyn. He is the king around his way, but when his world comes tumbling down, Winter`s comes down along with it. Winter must use her smarts and her body, to survive in a cold world. She soon finds out that when the money stops flowing, relationships stop growing. In the end she learns that the only person who ever really loved her is her father, who she ends up just like. Sister Souljah keeps readers on the edge of their seats wondering what will happen next in this tragic tale of love and life.

Reviewed by Vivian B., University City Regional

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Reader's comments about this book

Such a wonderful book. Loved every moment of it. A must read.
-Serena, Charlotte, NC

The best book I have ever read in my life! I've read it 3 times and I love every page!!
-dee, california

I love your books. They are so wonderful and they make you learn things about life.
-Angelica, Luling, LA

This was one of the most amazing books I have ever read! As a girl coming up in New York City I saw many of the things that happen to Winter happen in real life! I read this book in like two days and I still LOVE it, I call it my favorite book! I hope and pray Sister Souljah writes a sequel!
-Tuarean, Rome, NY

No lie, this is the best book and will continue to be the best book! I just love it and I hope everyone gets the chance to read this book because if they donít, they're missing out on alot!
-Sakeenah, Ohio

I really like this book because I can somewhat relate to it. It helped me a lot and it made me understand.
-Sophia, Baton Rouge, LA

I am one of those people who were greatly encouraged to read this novel. Fortunately, "The Coldest Winter Ever" is every bit as wonderful as my friends said it was. I cannot wait to see what the sequel holds......which I hope is soon.
-SJ, Toronto

I can't count how many times that I have read it and still each time, I enjoy reading the book. I have encouraged some of my friends (who are white and hispanic) to read the book and everyone states this comment; " I hate that I have finished reading the book because now I feel like something has left me and I feel lost." It relates to everyone in the purest form by not sugar coating it ,but giving the public the raw deal, and that is why I liked it so. To You, Sista Soulja: I am in my fifties and I would surely like for you to please,please hurry up writing the sequel to this novel and making a movie - I just can't wait. My anticipation to your seguel of this novel is to my utmost curosity. May God always bless you and take care of you.
-orlinda, miami, florida

Omg! `The Coldest Winter Ever`, is truly my favorite book. I could read Winter`s story a thousand more times. Sistah Souljah is amazing at crafting such relatable characters. From `Midnight`, to `A Deeper Love Inside`, which is the sequel to this book portraying the story of winter`s little sister Porsche, Sistah Souljah knows how to keep the interest of the reader. The release of `A Deeper Love Inside` was the best day ever, finally completing the story of the Santiago sisters. I keep a copy on my living room table for anyone interested, or just in case I want to read once more. Get a copy !
-Robbie, California

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