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The Life All Around me by Ellen Foster

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Gibbons, Kaye(2006)
The Life All Around me by Ellen Foster

My old friend, Ellen Foster, is home again with Kaye Gibbons' latest novel, The Life All Around Me by Ellen Foster. Ellen returns as a fifteen year old gifted student with a stable home. Although her childhood still haunts her, she is resilient with hope for the future. She even sets her sights on attending Harvard. Her compassionate spirit still shines through like sun breaking through the clouds. Ellen Foster is one of Kaye Gibbons' most wonderful creations. She is a study in contrasts, at once naive and wise beyond her years, plain spoken, often blunt yet fluent. Gibbons is a word master, her prose fluid and nourishing. For fans of Gibbons, The Life All Around Me by Ellen Foster is a long awaited, emotional and highly satisfying reunion.

Reviewed by Susan C., Independence Regional

Author InterviewRead the Author Interview with Kaye Gibbons

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