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Angels and Demons

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Brown, Dan(2003)
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Angels and Demons

Dan Brown’s newest blockbuster actually trumps his prior one, `The Da Vinci Code!` Harvard art professor Robert Langdon and Italian physicist Vittoria Vetra join forces against the resurgence of the ancient organization, The Illuminati, whose illustrious members once included Galileo and Bernini. The Illuminati’s persistent antipathy toward the church’s apparent repression of science is the catalyst for a diabolically appointed “Hassassin.” This Illuminati devotee initiates a cold-blooded and systematic murder of the Vatican’s ”preferiti,” those high-ranking cardinals, one of whom will be chosen Pope. Each of the four cardinals is brutally murdered and branded with Illuminati iconography on their bodies. In this taut, terrifying, and thoroughly engrossing novel, the Vatican with its power and influence is pitted against modern science in a centuries old battle for world dominance and parity.

Reviewed by Rosanne L., Matthews Branch

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