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Devil Wears Prada

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Weisberger, Lauren(2003)
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Devil Wears Prada

Newly graduated from college, writer Andrea Sachs lucks into a job that "a million girls would die for." She is the less than fashionable personal assistant to a powerful New York fashion editor, Miranda Priestly of Runway magazine. Dying to write for a serious magazine, Andrea is willing to endure the trials and tribulations of her current position for a year. She’s told that a personal recommendation from Miranda will guarantee her a job at the New Yorker. Unfortunately, Andrea may have sold her soul to the devil. Can Andrea maintain her integrity while being pushed to the limits? Weisberger’s satire will make you glad that you do not have the job “that a million girls would die for.”

Reviewed by Sarah H., Independence Regional

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Reader's comments about this book

Andrea Sachs is fresh out of college and has just landed a job that "a million girls would die for" at Runway magazine. The only catch? Working for the epitome of the "boss from hell" for a year in order to break her way into the writing world. In this hilarious, fast paced novel set in the trendy New York City fashion scene, we see if Andrea can last for a year. In the end Andrea must decide if her career is worth losing touch with her friends, family and boyfriend.
-Jessica, Charlotte, NC

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