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Money Hungry

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Flake, Sharon G.(2001)
Money Hungry
Young Adult

You live in the projects, but yearn for a better life. You know about homelessness. Your mother works and attends school, but it's still not enough. Thirteen-year-old Raspberry Hill is consumed with having money. She practically glows when she has earned some. She believes money will protect her from the hardships of life. She even includes her friends in her whacky schemes. The things she can't control are causing her distress. Her mother is dating her friend's dad and a friend has borrowed $200 from her. Will she pay it back? And, for the first time in her life she likes a boy. Raspberry has a lot to cope with in this urban tale of growing up and holding steadfastly to dreams.

Reviewed by Mona F., Main Library

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Reader's comments about this book

Her love for money is not greed, it is survival. Thirteen-year-old Raspberry knows what it is like to have to live on the streets. She is determined to do everything in her power to prevent ever having to go that route again. A fast-paced story about a young girl growing up in the inner city.
-Marilyn, Charlotte, NC

I think that this is a good book. This girl did whatever she could to earn money to help her mother out because her father had died. I think it was a very good book to read.
-Page, Charlotte, NC

Well, I just loved this book! Raspberry Hill lived out on the street and now that she has a place to live she doesn't want to be back on them. Her love for money is just a way to keep her family off the street.
-Asha, Durham, NC

Well I would just like to say this was a great book. The sharp dialogue was intense and it made you feel like you were there.
-Ash, Irving, Tx

I think this book is very good. I wonder if she going to come out with somthing else new soon!
-Keara Peterson, Baltimore, MD

This was a good book.
-Ben, Virginia

I think this book inspired me. I feel what Raspberry is trying to do with her money issues.
-Zachary, Gilbert, AZ

I loved it! Can't wait to read Begging for Change!
-amy, phila,pa

This book was awesome! I absolutely loved this book! Begging for Change was good, too!
-T.A.K., indianapolis, indiana

This is a very good book. I read the whole thing in 3 days, like you said my eyes would be in the book and they were. Keep up your wonderful work.
-Chelsea, Monroe, LA

It was an awsome book and it means something to diffrent people
-alexandra, denver colorado

I loved this book and the second one. It was such a good book. I really like the second one called Begging for Change.
-Kelsie B., New Britain, CT

In my opinion, this book was amazing. I just bought the sequel "Begging for Change". I hope it's as good as the first one.
-Tina, Vero Beach, FL

I love this book. It is a real life situation and all this is true, once you have done something bad you dont want it to happen again in any situation.
-jessica, ma

Wow! This book is so interesting! Raspberry is so interesting to read about! I suggest that everybody read this book!
-Christina, New York, NY

I thought this book was a wonder. I would recommend it to everyone!
-Anna, Sunbury, Ohio

I think this book is very nice because it teaches a lot of teens that money ain't important in life.
-LB, New York

I just finished this book and it has a lot of details and Raspberry did think of herself. She also thought that money will save her from what happened to her and her mom the last time her father left her.
-Azhane, Irvington, NJ

This book is awesome. I absolutely without doubt give it a two thumbs up.
-Richard, Indianapolis, IN

This is a good book.
-Prince Malcolm, WI

This book really opened my eyes . Its a really good book. I enjoyed reading it. Much Love, Briana Phoenix,Az
-Briana, Phoenix,AZ

Good Book!
-Billy, Brick , NJ

I love the book! I finshed reading the book in 2 days because i love it so much. Keep up on the wonderful books!
-Julia, NJ

This book was AWESOME!!!!!
-jess, CT

I think this is a very good book; she kind of reminds me of myself. I'm not saying I lived out in the streets or anything.I just love money as much as she does. I will do anything for money, anything thats not wrong. But this is a good book and it really is an inspirational book to me.
-Devarius, Memphis,Tennessee

I Love this book!! It tells teens to apprecaite there life. I was so into the book I want to read the other book " Beging For A Change " I am going to do a book report on this book!!! This was the first book my older brother read and liked!!!
-Samantha, Kansas City, Missouri

I think that book is a very good book. My attention was caught when I saw it in the bookstore. She needs to keep up the good...no I mean great job.....
-Jada, Memphis, TN

Money Hungry is a wonderful book. It felt like I was actually her.
-Amanda, FL

This book is so awesome! I loved every page! I've read all the books Mrs. Flake has written!! She is amazing at what se does!! 8-)
-Kamecha, Okmulgee, Ok

I love this book! It is a great read!
-nickey, new orleans ,la

This book was great. I'm really glad they made it a short series. Praise for "Money Hungry"! Praise for "Begging for Change! My favorite person is Sato! He's so sweet.
-Racy, Battle Creek, Michigan

I love this book. It is so awesome that I couldnít stop reading it. Itís about real stuff that is why I love it so much.
-Amirah, Lynchburg, VA

I think that this book was amazing. I could never put it down. Which is really weird because usually, I don't really like to read. But something about this book, just made me keep on reading it. So that's how you know that the book was good!
-Ashlee, Tacome, Washington

I really like this book. I love money, even though I would do absolutely nothing to harm anyone in anyway to get it; Iím just like Raspberry. Iím reading this book right now, for a book report.
-Danielle, Kingsburg, NJ

I think this is going to be a good book.
-Unique, Durham, NC

I thought I was the only one loving this book, but obviously I'm not. I'm doing a book report on this book right now. I've read this book about 10 times and I keep reading it over and over, I hope that Begging for Change book is better because this one was awesome! The first time I read this book I couldn't put it down and finished it in one day!
-Mataya, Sanford, NC

This book is very good.
-Naisha, Tampa, FL

This book was awesome. I love money too. I will do anything right to get money. She is a nice girl because she don't want to live back on the street like when her dad died. Good book!
-Jacquell, Somerset , NJ

I love this book already and I have only read to chapter 9 this book reminds me of how my life was when I was 11... when you need money you will go though whatever you can to get it and I feel where she is coming from. I LOVE HER.
-Alicia, KY

It was a really awesome book. I like books like that.
-Conner, New Bern, NC

I loved this book. I realize how blessed I am not to have a life like Raspberry's. Begging for Change and The Skin I'm In were good, too.
-kiana;, philadelphia

I love this book. Some of my friends read it more than once because they said it was so good
-Kayla, Vallejo, CA

Well, to start off I think it's a good book. But I also feel that a 13 year old shouldn't be going through that much...it's sad. I'm glad my life isn't like that but Raspberry did what she had to do to help her Mom.
-Donnie, Centreville, IL

I read this book for a book report and I really liked it. Usually I say I hate reading, but this book I was almost mad at myself for reading it so fast when it was over. Raspberry even reminded me of myself a little. Great book.
-Greg, Norristown, PA

Love this book
-Patrice, Washington, DC

This book was very good but Begging for Change was better.
-Nyajah, St. Louis

I think this was a very good book because it teaches you a lot about not to be a hustler when you grow up.
-Victoria, Alaska

I will do the same thing pick up the money.
-Tara, Belle Glade, Florida

I dont like to read but when I saw the name of this book I thought... well I always want money too, so this would be a great book. It turned out to be pretty good... :P
-Pao, Bani, Dominican Republic

This book is good. I am doing a reader on it.
-Donald, Atlanta ,GA

I love your books, they are the best and my favorite book to read when I'm at home or at school so just keep writing your best books. -Peace
-J.Rodriguez, Douglasville, GA

This book is really good, it is realistic and very informative and it relates to me in a kind of way. I love money but not like Raspberry!
-Francheska Gaonzalez, Louisville, KY

The book is really good.
-Tiffany, Green Bay, WI

I really like this book. I was nine years old when I read it. I understand what Raspberry is going through because I have also been through the same thing. I thought that I would not finish it, but I finished it in a day and a half. This book is awesome!
-Cavaughn, Montgomery, Alabama

This is a really good book.
-Hekfrhir, Virginia

Oh my gosh, this book was so great. I wish there was a whole series. It is unexplainable how much I like this book! Everyone should read it!
-Jasmine, Indianapolis, IN

I like this book because it teaches teens and preteens how to be responsible with money and friends
-sophie, springfield, massachusetts

This book was so good that I couldn't stop reading. I hope Begging for Change is as good as this one!
-Fazeela, Toronto, Ontario

This book was really good! Love the name Raspberry...
-Ninq, New York

I think this book was good and I would recommend this book to someone! ;)
-Briana, Chiacgo, IL

Wow! This book is amzing. It just shows you what sorts of things people will do for money. For those of you who liked this book you should check out the sequel called Begging for Change.
-Azalea, West Allis, WI

This book is very detailed and amazing. Every time I read it, I always get caught up in the book.
-Alexis, Greensboro, NC

This book was amazing!
-Mercedes, St. Louis, MO

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