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Shelley, Mary W.(1818)

Frankenstein is a wildly imaginative book by a brilliant author, Mary Shelley. Shelley, way ahead of her time, writes a story very different from those seen in modern horror movies. She uses the technique of reeling her readers in and then playing with them. In Frankenstein, the character Victor is a curious person; he yearns to learn the secrets of the earth. Attempting to fulfill his desire he comes up with the insane notion to recreate life after it has been destroyed. Of course, afterwards he sincerely regrets it since the monster he creates wreaks havoc. Shelley shows the horror of the aftermath of playing creator and sends a chill down the spine. Shelley forces readers to rethink their own lives and desires.

Reviewed by Erin D., Kansas City, KS

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Reader's comments about this book

It's awesome! I love Frankenstein it's the best ever!
-Amy, New South Wales

Wow. Great book. Couldn't take my eyes off it. Amazing!!!!
-Justin, FL

This book was a very good book. I think everyone should read it.
-Lareesa, Lake Butler, FL

This book is so realistic that a kind of horror was created in my mind while reading it. I felt myself to be a part of the story......
-Harshit, Delhi, India

It is one of the best books I have read and will ever read in my life. Thanks to Mary Shelley.
-Gaurav shekhar, Barpeta,assam,india

A good book.
-Rhea, Winston Salem, NC

This was awesome! READ IT!
-Austin, San Diego, CA

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