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Church Folk

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Bowen, Michele Andrea(2001)
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Church Folk

Handsome, young Reverend Theophilus Simmons is in for the challenge of his life. Not only is he the newly appointed minister at the church of his ex-love; in walks the love of his life, Essie Lee Lane. Set in 1963 Memphis and Mississippi, this fast paced novel examines how church pressures and scandals affect the relationship of Theophilus and Essie. Despite their positive and negative traits Bowen’s major characters grow and offer the reader some hope. The author’s vivid description enables the reader to experience everything from a spirit filled church service to a romantic dance between two individuals in love. A most read for those who like humor, romance and realism in a novel.

Reviewed by Michelle G., Scaleybark Branch

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Reader's comments about this book

After reading this book for a Women's Studies Class, I was thoroughly impressed by the richness of the characters, as well as its examination of church politics. A great page-turner, and I can't wait for the sequel (now in process)!
-Meghan, Charlotte, NC

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