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Pride and Prejudice

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Austen, Jane(1813)
Pride and Prejudice

I first read Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice when I was in high school. I wondered what relevance a social comedy set in the English countryside at the end of the 18th century could possibly have to a citified black girl in the 1970's. I was quickly hooked by the flawed, wonderfully drawn characters, the razor-sharp picture of an oppressively class-bound culture, and the strong woman at the center who skillfully wove her way through all the genteel perils. I read Pride and Prejudice about once every five years, swept away by the witty developments as Elizabeth Bennet and Darcy struggle to love and acceptance.

Reviewed by Mary C. C., Mary C. Curtis, The Charlotte Observer

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Reader's comments about this book

I love to read, and I happened to pick this book up at a yard sale or something. I had heard of it, obviously, but I was in the middle of another book, so it sat on my shelf unnoticed for months. Until one day I ran out of things to read. I was hooked by the first two pages. And myself being a girl of sixteen who is always falling for a guy I can't have, or having a guy fall for me that I don't want anything to do with, it is a humorous, charming book that really makes you open your eyes to what is right in front of you.
-Ansley, Charlotte, NC

Fab book and a film too. I'd love to read this book again.
-Aniketa, Gujarat

It's a very sweet story in which the authoress has picturized the glamoures society of England during the 17th century. It has made me experience the world enchanted by true love and the attraction of a man towards a girl. We can understand the different relationships like sister, mother, child and a lover.
-Srishti, Delhi

I feel that after reading the book I have learned a lot about the old times and how life used to be. For example, most girls married not for love but for security. I've recently watched the new film and many parts that are in the book aren't in the film that I felt should be. Overall very sweet love story.
-Jessica, Isle of Wight

I had to read this book for a high school project. Being 16 and growing up as a woman in today's society it is nice to read a book about the old days. Sometimes I feel that I can be a lot like the protagonist of the story. Social inferiority (much like Darcy's) still can be found these days. Overall I give this book 100% on my scale, I'm not one for the sappy novels but this one is for sure a page-turner!
-Alpana, Canada

I first read this book when I was just 10 and from that time on it has been my favorite book. The book conveys the feelings and emotions of all its different characters very well and charms all its readers with the wit and liveliness of Elizabeth Bennet, the misunderstood character of Mr. Darcy, the beautiful, sensible Jane, and the agreeable Mr. Bingley as well as all the other characters. This book, with its many different types of characters is definitely a must read for everyone.
-Disha, New Delhi

I think this is a beautiful love story which tests everyone's different morals in the book. The way Jane Austen has linked the characters together could not have been more well done. One of the best novels I have read !!!
-Adelina, Sydney, New South Wales

This book is awesome, I read this novel few days back and I feel that this story is something different and everybody should read this.
-Gulshan, Patna, Bihar

This book is full of wit and charm. It not only relates to the past but to people in this time period. Elizabeth Bennet is a character I can relate to and Mr. Darcy is the type of man I wish to marry someday.
-Sophia, Lagrange, IN

I love this book. It happens to be one of my favorites. It's a classic.
-Brittany, Winston-Salem Nc

I love this book. It is the most amazing novel I have read in a long time. I finished it in two days. I read constantly and Jane Austen is my favorite! Mr. Bingley has got to be my all time favorite guy ever, but Mr. Darcy is right up there. I love this book.
-Kelly, Orange County, California

I had to read this book for a project in my very last class of my senior year. It is an amazing and timless love story that should be read by anyone of any age. Very good and will read again!
-Brianna, Davenport, Iowa

This is book is truly enjoyable. This book is full of wit and charm! I love the different types of characters and I think this book is unlike any book I have read.
-Pritha, Fremont, CA

Love the book, wonderfully written.
-Sophia, Delhi

I read this book first when I was eleven and I was so engrossed by the authors words that I couldn't stop reading it until I had finished it. I love this book. It is written from a woman's point of view in that time. I am deeply impressed with the authors ability to keep me thinking of the story after I had shut the covers. Even though it doesn't explicitly refer to it, Pride and Prejudice makes me think of one word in particular- Equality. Especially the discussion between Miss Bingley, Mr Darcy and Elizabeth. I find myself thinking about it so much. I love the depth of the characters. And the thinking that goes into each of their words. Thank you Miss Austen for giving us the masterpiece, Pride and Prejudice.
-Elizabeth, USA

The book is actually written well. I have read this book at least 4 times and seen the movie at least 6 times; haha cause the plot really amazed me. The fantastic love story is always the classic element of novel. I like it!
-Lulu, China

This is my favorite book. Jane Austen was so creative and intelligent! I love seeing what she does to make you keep thinking about the story and how much of the stuff is so true of life.
-Elizabeth, Indiana

I really like this book and it was a lot of fun to read.
-Eliza, Karnataka

What this book gives you is understanding to deal with the complexity in real life affairs!
-Jash, England, UK

Awesome! I would love to read it again.
-Shane, New York, USA

This was my first classic book which I thoroughly enjoyed. Love it.
-Mia, Dubai, UAE

My love of books drew me to this novel like a moth to a flame. I`ve been reading novels from the time I was 7 years old, but Pride and Prejudice is one I just can`t get over. The characters are strong willed and so passionate! I pick it up every now and again, and I don`t put it down until it`s done... then I`ll probably start over!
-Bri, Fountain, CO

I think this is a really nice story.
-Anna, Mandaue, Philipines

It is a very good and interesting novel. Reading this novel is a great pleasure for me. Earlier girls used to marry for economic security whether there is love or not. They don`t want to be a burden on their family so they get married with anyone as soon as possible.
-Kanika, New Delhi

I first read Pride and Prejudice over 50 years ago, when I was a girl. I think I`ve read that wonderful novel four times since. Not until I saw the movie,`Becoming Jane`, a biography of Jane Austen, did I come to really appreciate Pride and Prejudice. Jane Austen and Thomas LeFroy lived in that fragile space between rich and poor. Jane`s talent for writing and creating characters and her own life experience was poured into Pride and Prejudice.
-Irie, Texarkana, Arkansas

A very different and unique story by Jane Austen with each and every part so interesting and curious, that the story is hard to leave at any time.
-Navdeep Kaur, Ludhiana , Punjab

It is a wonderful story. I love it.....
-Jenni, U.A.E.

It`s an awesome novel -- my favourite. I have already read it so many times and can read it again any number of times. The story is simply splendid. Hats off to Jane Austen.
-Pratibha, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

It really is a very intresting book to read.
-Amy, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

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