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Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Hurston, Zora Neale(1937)
Their Eyes Were Watching God

In this classic treasure, Hurston captures the imagination and brings her characters to life with symbolism, imagery, and vernacular often found within the African-American culture in rural Southern communities. Inspired by a blossoming pear tree, beautiful, intelligent, and sensual 16 year-old Janie Crawford has dreams that take her beyond the small, rural west Florida community where she lives. Nanny, Janie`s grandmother, believes that Janie needs stability and is determined to make sure that Janie has a better life than she and Janie`s mother. Discontented with relationships filled with drama, tragedy, and murder, Janie decides to take control of her own destiny and sets out on a quest to make sense of her inner-self and to discover her true identity.

Reviewed by Retha H., Beatties Ford Road Branch

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